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We take your facade to the next dimension!

Our 3D design solutions for glass and ventilated facades combine the art of design and the challenges of modern architecture.


Do you feel like every project is becoming more and more challenging?

Modern architecture is a confrontation between the boundless vision and the technological capabilities. 

We designers, know how tough it is to meet the expectations.

You’d agree with that, right?

The truth is that technological developments in both material production and design approaches are making it possible to create solutions that were previously unavailable.


… and it is this design approach that we would like to introduce you to. 


Check out our approach to facade design.

BIM Design

Why do we design in BIM?

workshop/production design

What could you expect?


Why do we design in BIM?


Check out our design experience across Europe.

About us

For the past 10 years, I’ve been deeply involved in the construction industry.

Throughout my career, I’ve encountered numerous tough projects. Many of them were plagued by discrepancies, where design views didn’t align with their intricate details. Reviewing documentation often revealed misinformation, hidden in hundreds of drawings.

One day, I decided to take a stand against these issues…

I spent countless hours delving into the root causes of these problems in the design process and sought solutions. By introducing automation, standardizing processes, and adopting a single source of information, I managed to bring order to this chaos.

I successfully resolved the challenges within my own projects.

Next, I resolved to assist others in the façade industry. I created services aimed at making façade projects more coherent and information more organized and accessible at every stage, from conception through installation to everyday use.

Kamil Malinowski – Founder & CEO 

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