Practical Application of LOI in BIM Facade Modeling

Introduction to LOI

In today’s facade design, effective communication and precise fulfillment of client expectations are key to success. In this context, LOI (Level of Information) in BIM plays a fundamental role. LOI is not just an additional layer of information but a set of attributes that accurately define the characteristics of each facade element.

What is LOI?

LOI includes specific attributes for each element of the facade model, such as materials, technical specifications, performance data, dimensions, tolerances, and information on installation and maintenance. In the context of facades, LOI might contain data on types of glass, mounting systems, insulation properties, and more. These pieces of information are an integral part of the design process, allowing for accurate and efficient planning, execution, and operation of the facade.

Determining LOI with the Client

Communication with the client regarding LOI is an iterative process that begins with understanding their needs and expectations. Using the LOI table, we jointly determine which attributes and information are necessary at each stage of the project. This collaboration ensures that the BIM model will be complete and consistent with project requirements.

AIA example table

Implementing LOI: Steps and Priorities

  1. Project Requirements Analysis: The first step is a thorough analysis of the project requirements to understand which LOI information is key.
  2. Precise Definition of Attributes: Each facade model element must be assigned precise LOI attributes, tailored to the project’s purposes.
  3. Using the LOI Table: The LOI table serves as a tool for establishing the range of information to be included in the model at each project stage.
  4. Model Verification and Update: Regular reviews of the BIM model are necessary to ensure all LOI information is up-to-date and in line with project progress.

Importance of LOI in BIM Facade Design

Precise LOI definition in BIM facade modeling is not just a technical matter but key to the efficient execution of a project. With LOI, a facade project becomes fully comprehensible and executable, meeting the client’s aesthetic, functional, and efficiency expectations. Our office specializes in creating BIM models that accurately reflect all aspects of the facade project. Contact us to learn how our experience can contribute to the success of your facade project.

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