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I am delighted to welcome you to our website and extremely thankful that you visited us!

Our services are based on years of experience in the construction industry and skills learned and honed over the years to deliver the best value to you!

We use 3D design, visualization and data management software to find answers to the challenges you face. Our products: such as laser scans, models, visualizations, analyses correspond to your real needs.

We love design processes that are a mix of engineering, art and dreams!

Our working methodology is based on Building Information Modeling, which allows us to achieve high results in an optimized way – tailored to the customer.

You want a simple product – we bring you an extraordinary experience!

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Each of our customers is our special guest and friend. Cooperation between people who share the same values and have the same outlook on the future always brings spectacular results. An open mind allows us to do innovative things which have a real impact on the development of the industry and our environment.

My name is Kamil and I am an engineer by profession. I am a certified Autodesk professional in Revit software and a certified BIM Manager. For many years I gained experience carrying out construction projects both on the construction site and in design offices.  The unusual topics I have undertaken all over Europe have led to what I love – thinking outside the box. I use the knowledge and experience I have gained to find the best solutions for you. 

I believe that every project is unique. The contact with the client determines how the project will look after the design process. We need to understand clients and establish a bond with them, to be part of their dream. Their dream is our dream.

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