Here we share our case studies based on our realisations. We approach each task with an open mind. Each project is bespoke which makes it unique. Probably the challenges you are facing have already been solved by us and you will find them here. If not, we will gladly deal with them!

Our Projects


In this case, we present to you our realisation of a skylight concept for a technical analysis, for a residential building in London.


One of the projects we are most proud of is a BIM model for the glass façade industry. The project was a complex BIM documentation for an unitized façade of office buildings in central London.

Sliska Apartament

The task we recently undertook was the interior visualisation of an apartment in Warsaw. The aim of the task was to present the big potential of the space hidden in a small flat. As a result how the flat could look like ready to live in.


3D modelling will allow you to find errors that could not be foreseen at the design stage. Check out how we did it in Lodz.

Beiersdorf Manufacturing Poznań

What if we went on a factory tour? We got BIM models of many of the trades and took our guests on a walk through the facility that is still under construction.

Stairs – Point Cloud

The development of technology allows us to achieve goals that were previously out of our reach. Realising projects without the travelling involved opens up new perspectives.

WAW11 Data Center

Using Building Information Modeling takes your project to the next level! See how we did it on a project in Warsaw.

Blackbird Air Chapter

Our friends realised a complex curtain wall design for air chapter in Denmark. Due to the complicated geometry and features of the façade, it was important to be well prepared to get started.