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Our realisations are not always a large project process. Sometimes it’s a conceptual approach to see if the task our client has set for him carries unexpected risks.  

In this case, we present to you our realisation of a skylight concept for a technical analysis, for a residential building in London.  

The implementation was very simple. We obtained schematic sections and concepts for the division of the skylight, which was to be located at terrace level. Options were considered for shaping the surface of the glass, which was to allow it to function as a terrace floor.  

The client also provided us with suggestions for technical solutions to the problem. We were given guidelines as to which manufacturer’s system would be used for the project. We knew what profiles we would use and the thickness of the glass needed to make the solution not only impressive, but above all safe.  

It is always the confrontation between the vision that flashes through our heads and the hard, analytical guidelines regarding the technical possibilities of the systrem that provides the answers to the real possibilities of implementation that constitute the compromise.  

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