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The described project concerned the ventilated façade on the REACT office building in Łódź. The main task set before us was to model the scope of the mock-up to catch design mistakes, optimise solutions before workshop documentation was made.

Impact on visual aesthetics.

The basic details we had at our disposal showed a technically correct solution to the façade. The panels from which the façade was constructed fitted perfectly, making the insulation and the substructure invisible.

But did the 2D section definitely consider everything?

The 3D model allowed us to find the sensitive points in the façade. It allowed us to look through the eyes of someone who has the building in front of them. A look from the perspective of a potential pedestrian. As it turned out, there was an unresolved point at the intersection of the details that shows us the insulation and the substructure.

Solution at an early stage of the project.

With 3D model, you can introduce a solution before the project has been completed. What’s more, with the model you have the opportunity to present and consult with the main designer of the building. This achieves the desired effect and allows the investor to feel that everything is under control.

How do we mount it?

The 2D documentation shows us a typical way to solve the installation problem. We are well aware that there are also many unusual places on the building that require special solutions. Thanks to the model we can see our substructure and check whether the place we have planned for installation is suitable.

In addition, we can optimise the substructure. We find places where we can apply suitable solutions to combine the load-bearing function of the substructure together with the aesthetic function of the joint finish.

Virtual mock-up

Such a model, which covers the whole spectrum of technical solutions, can be sent to the investor, and he can get acquainted with it without any technical knowledge or knowledge of software. Web applications (such as Autodesk Viewer) allow easy movement around the model, as well as communication. Finally, comments can be made directly on the model.

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