Interactive visualisation – what is it?

Interactive visualisations are the ones where you hold the project in your hands. You decide what you want to look at. You experience the space in your own way and focus on things which are important to you.

360 panoramic presentations

One of the types of interactive visualisations is a virtual walk built from spherical photos. It allows us to move around the object and “look around” in places that interest us.

We are not limited by any pre-set frame or animation. We start in one of the points that were prepared for us and we can easily switch between them.

Real-Time Rendering

The significant difference between the previous type of presentation and real-time rendering is that the image is generated “live” (at the moment of viewing) – only the context has been prepared beforehand. In this case, it is up to you where you stand in the project, where you focus your attention and, above all, you are not limited by the location of the observation points.

Another important feature is the ability to influence project parameters. We can change the time of day and lighting, so we can experience the interior in our own way. The view generates itself before our eyes.

Why use interactive visualisations?

Are you curious about the atmosphere in the kitchen in the morning, when you are preparing your favourite morning coffee? Or maybe in the evening in the living room, when you will be reading your favourite book, and the rays of setting sun will be falling through the large windows of the terrace.

Unfortunately, Real-Time Renering involves the fact that graphical calculations are performed live. In order to experience this in a comfortable way, we have to base your project on a compromise between hardware performance and design quality.

What if you switched off from your current environment for a moment and moved to your dreams?

A final, very innovative approach is VR visualisation. Here we can define our experience of a project in a very tangible way.

Using VR goggles, we are able to bring you into your interior of your dreams. We are able to take you to a place that isn’t there yet! Because VR is already there, where we are not yet!

The controllers in your hands allow you to interact with the environment you are in. You can change the seasons, the weather, the time of day. You can pick up objects in the virtual space and move them around. Definitely, this will suit people who like their interior decorated to their own way! (We all know someone who likes to arrange plants at home in the only right way! 😉 )

We always choose the method of visualisation according to the goal you want to achieve. If you would like to know more, or have any questions we will be happy to answer them for you!

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