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What if we went on a factory tour? We got BIM models of many of the trades and took our guests on a walk through the facility that is still under construction.

Technical documentation is a good medium for communication in the engineering community. Unfortunately, very often the final customer and investor is not a technical person.

Speaking engineering language to people who don’t even understand it is like going abroad without any knowledge of foreign languages 😉

The challenge we had was to present the new workplace to people. Only one fact should be taken on board – this place didn’t exist yet, and was under construction. Showing this person stacks of white printed sheets with lines and inscriptions, will we show them the potential and benefits of the new workplace?

But now our second question – how do we achieve this?  We used the designers’ resources, who provided us with BIM documentation. It made our work much more efficient, and I would even claim that it was only thanks to the BIM documentation that this project was possible and allowed us to create the result with quite… limited time resources.

So we took them on a tour of the factory – a virtual one, of course.   We showed them all the corridors, corners, storerooms and many other specialised rooms, which they understood more than I did.

Our challenge was to create visualisation films for a facility with a very large area. We integrated 3D documentation produced in multiple design environments such as Revit, Inventor, as well as specialist industry design software.

Our animations represent the actual geometry of the object, as they are based directly on the project (BIM model). The possibilities offered by rendering allow us to show workplaces in changing lighting conditions or seasons. The dynamics resulting from the fact that we are dealing with video material makes us appear in an almost finished object. Considering what the facility looks like, the material in the form of video visualisation provides investors with a good basis for making strategic decisions. You can add your ideas or abandon solutions before costs are incurred.

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